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Our Staff

Our staff are friendly, supportive and non-judgemental.  They understand that change can be difficult, even when health concerns make it desirable, but they have plenty of experience in motivating and encouraging people to stick at it and feel the benefits of making healthier lifestyle choices.  You will find that they come from a variety of backgrounds, speak multiple languages and possess a variety of formal qualifications. They live and work in the communities they serve and will be able to understand your needs and concerns.

Meet some of the team

"Hi, welcome to your new health course. I'm Donna and I'm one of the Facilitators here on Living Well, Taking Control.


I deliver the programme to people who are predisposed to Type 2 diabetes.

I'll be looking at your weight, height and blood pressure. We'll be looking at the activities you can do to improve those and focus on what you can do to prevent pushing over into Type 2 diabetes.

The dynamics of the group are different each time - due to different cultures. Because of that we have a knowledge of different food groups... and that's the challenge. It's a joy really because you're not just helping people, you're learning about their lives as well."

Zaytun Ratansi


"My ambition in life was, and has always been, to work in health; which I knew would enable me to positively contribute back to society."


Zaytun is passionate about working with communities and fighting health inequalities.

Lakhbir Thind


"I love seeing someone reach their goal and succeed"


Lakhbir specialises in Long Term conditions. As well as the Diabetes Prevention Programme, she has worked in a number of areas including Stop Smoking, volunteering and community engagement. 

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