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Several weeks have passed since your last group session and you have done really well to get this far on the programme. 
Your Locality Coach and fellow participants are looking forward to seeing how you are getting on and will give you extra motivation where needed.

Topics in this session include:

  • Review your measurements

  • Discussing what you and fellow participants hope to achieve next

  • Discovering health and wellbeing services in your local area

  • Understanding anxieties, depression and stresses that come from behaviour change

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Goal setting – focusing on wellbeing outcome

Reflection and relaxation
A key part of this session for you will be to reflect on what you have achieved so far on the programme. Your Locality Coach will focus on what positive changes you have made so far and provide you with extra support if you have found certain goals challenging to achieve.


Being able to ‘switch off’ is a great way to minimise stress. Your Locality Coach will share some of the exercises you can use to relax.
Everyone will have the chance to discuss which relaxation exercises they liked the most and think about how they can build them into everyday life.

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