The final session will be a celebration of what you and your fellow participants have achieved on the programme! We will look back at the changes, challenges, and achievements we have experienced over the past nine months.


Topics in this session include:

Overview of

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Tell your story

Keep in touch

What next


Your Locality Coach will share some key messages we have learnt throughout the programme and give you some guidance on what to do next. Everyone will be invited to share their journeys to the group and can exchange contact information if you would like to keep in touch.
If you would like to support other people in your local community in a similar position, there will be an opportunity to express interest to support future groups by becoming a champion. 
Living Well Taking Control also records inspiring case studies based on past participants to encourage others to take part in the programme. We would be very grateful if you would be willing to share your experience with others in this way.


Your Locality Coach will encourage you to keep going on this positive lifestyle journey and celebrate what you have achieved – Well done!

You've completed the Living Well Taking Control programme