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In this session, you will focus on food choices and labelling. 


Topics in this session include:

Food Label.png

Identifying healthier food choices using food labels participants have brought along

Fizzy Drink.png

Play the sugar game


Fat vs Fibre –

dietary choices
and their impact

on your body


Review goals set and build on successes


Reflecting on your learning to date

Food labelling can be confusing. Your Locality Coach will help you to make the best food choices for your health.
You will join a discussion with your fellow participants on how food companies often hide sugars by calling them different things in the ingredients list. Some foods lower in fat and salt may also have higher sugar levels and you will learn how to spot them when shopping.


The importance of fibre
One of the main dietary changes pre-diabetics can make is to reduce fats within your diet and eat foods with more fibre. Your Locality Coach will explain the important role fibre plays in managing your blood sugar levels and what you can do to increase the amount of fibre you eat.

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