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In session five you will share how much physical activity you do now. Your Locality Coach will explain how slowly increasing the physical activity you do, can help you feel fitter and give you more energy throughout the day. 


Topics in this session include:

  • The benefits of exercise

  • Different types of exercise

  • How to increase your physical activity and monitor it

  • Setting physical activity goals

Online Classes

The session will begin with seated exercises to increase mobility in the upper body, leading to gentle exercises for the lower body. Your Locality Coach will show you other exercises to do in your own home to steadily improve your physical fitness over time.
Physical activity does not just involve going to the gym! 
Your Locality Coach will explain the different activities you can do at home to achieve your weekly goal of 150 minutes of physical activity per week.


Your Locality Coach will help you set achievable goals for increasing your physical activity levels. 
If you have been using the Liva App you will be able to set goals and record activity there. Your fellow participants will be setting goals too and will benefit from your encouragement!

Physical activity diary

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