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Your Locality Coach will discuss how you and your fellow participants can keep on track with the goals you have set. 

Topics in this session include:

  • Learning how reflective practice can support you in achieving your set goals

  • What do you know? 

  • Sustainable behaviour changes – what are they and how changes become viable

  • Discuss step count – how to accurately activity track

The session will focus on your journey through the programme so far and how it's impacted your life. Some of the improvements you and your fellow participants may have identified include weight loss, feeling fitter, reducing sugar and fat intake, and feeling better in yourself. Your Locality Coach will help you and your fellow participants celebrate these achievements and encourage you to sustain the positive changes you have made!


Part of the session will include your Locality Coach delivering a fun quiz to see how much everyone has learnt about their health so far. 


Topics include:

  • Dietary choices

  • Hidden sugars

  • Fats vs fibre

  • Hydration

  • Types of activity

  • Food labelling

Test your knowledge

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