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This session will begin by reviewing if your physical activity levels have increased over time. Your Locality Coach will ask whether you have noticed any changes to your physical health and what this means to you.


Topics in this session include:


Chair based

exercise session


The stress bucket

Heart Health.png

Benefits of

weight loss


How to achieve

lasting weight 


Your Locality Coach will provide you with ideas of suitable exercises to improve your flexibility, reduce body fat levels and improve lung capacity.

Stress bucket
Your Locality Coach will ask you and fellow participants to share which aspects of your life create the most stress for you. Your group will then think about how these stresses can be minimised and controlled. Your fellow participants may experience similar stressful events as you and this will be a perfect opportunity to learn how to handle stress differently in future.


The benefits of weight loss
The discussion will then move onto how losing weight can improve your mental health as well as your physical health. Your Locality Coach will explain how making changes to your lifestyle can affect your mood and you will be able to share your experiences of this so far.

Exercise at home

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