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The Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is a behaviour change programme.

This means that it focuses on looking at the factors that are increasing your risk of Type 2 diabetes and helping you to develop a plan to make healthy lifestyle changes that will reduce or remove your risk.

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The Programme

During the programme you can expect:

  • To learn all about healthy eating

  • To learn about sustainable exercise plans for all activity levels

  • Help to lose weight if it's required

  • Support to bring your blood sugar back to a healthy level

  • An education on what Diabetes is and how to prevent developing the disease

  • The impact of Diabetes on the lives of those who have got it

  • Regular support from your coach

  • Peer support from other group members if you choose the group coaching option

  • One-to-one online support from your coach if you choose the digital option

  • To be part of a programme which has helped tens of thousands of people across the UK to reduce their risk of developing diabetes


There are two ways you can join the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme:

1. Speak to your GP or relevant health care professional and they can refer you to our programme if you are at risk

2. Register online. In order to do this you must either:

- Have an up-to-date blood sugar reading and fill out this form

- Take our Know Your Risk calculator and follow the instructions on-screen if your risk score is 16 or higher



1. You'll receive a one-to-one appointment with your coach so that we can get to know you a bit better and explain the programme in full

2a. If you've chosen the group support route, you'll be given a schedule of sessions and your choice of local venue to attend 

2b. If you've chosen the one-to-one digital route, you'll receive instructions on how to use the app and begin engaging with your coach virtually

3. You'll work through your tailored prevention programme, implementing sustainable changes to your lifestyle which will see you take control of your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

4. You'll regularly celebrate your achievements until you complete the programme and complete your end-point assessment with your coach, who will help you to set achievable post-programme goals to continue your good work and keep your risk of developing Diabetes as low as it can be

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There are​ different options for how you take part in the nine-month programme, depending on your preferences and needs:

  • Group based sessions: provided in a local community venue, convenient to you, led by one of our qualified Health Coaches, with the chance to engage with others to help you reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

  • Digital one - to - one or peer support from a health coach either via the NHS-approved Liva app over secure app messaging or through phone/video calls. You will have the option to receive either 1-1 or peer support and support is entirely remote with no need to travel. 

  • Tailored remote service: you may be offered the option of attending group based support entirely remotely via Microsoft Teams. This service is currently for those with: hearing impairment requiring British Sign Language; visual impairment; Bangladeshi or Pakistani backgrounds who require a specific cultural and language tailored service; women with a previous diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes. 

Digital one-to-one support

  • Specialist and personalised lifestyle support from a health coach over 9 months, available via your smartphone with Liva’s app. 

  • Access the service conveniently through your smartphone, you’ll have support in your pocket. No need to travel or arrange follow-up appointments.

  • Monitor and track your personal health goals in the Liva app, receive psychological, lifestyle and nutritional advice, and connect with a closed community of other people on the same journey as you, to help you gain confidence and keep up positive lifestyle changes long term. 

  • Connect with a health coach of your choice, with multiple languages spoken to ensure everyone is catered for.


The digital programme has three stages: 

  • Get started: Tell us a little more about yourself and your health and wellbeing through the one-to-one video consultation with your health coach. They will help you prepare for the journey ahead and come up with an action plan to help you achieve your goals over 9 months

  • Get focused:  The first 12 weeks of the programme focuses on understanding diabetes and how lifestyle can have an effect. You’ll work towards your action plan with support from your health coach through weekly in-app check-ins (all via video message and text) and community group chat.

  • Maintain: For the remainder of the programme you will continue to build confidence in maintaining your new, healthy choices over the long term, helped with fortnightly one-to-one and group-based coach check-ins. You will continue to track and monitor your progress on the Liva app, even after the programme ends.  


Liva has empowered more than 40,000 service users to take full control of their lifestyle choices and improve health outcomes with an average weight loss of 4.17kg.


With coaches available 7 days a week, you’ll be able to start your programme when it’s convenient for you.

Group Sessions

Join a small group of people who are also at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In 13 sessions spread over nine months, your trained Coach will provide the motivation, resources, advice, and support you need to increase your physical activity, and help you improve your diet.

You will also have access to a free app containing everything you will need to make a positive difference.


The programme is free and supports non-English speakers. You can even bring someone with you for extra support.

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