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Do you have patients at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes?

If so, you can refer them to your local Healthier You service for support in making positive changes to their diet, weight and the amount of physical activity they do.  Taking this kind of action now can significantly reduce their risk, or even stop the development of, Type 2 diabetes. 

Who is eligible for the programme?

Anyone who is:


  • Aged 18 years and over


  • Registered with a GP Practice in one of the areas listed above


  • HbA1c between 42-47mmol/mol (6.0-6.4%) or Fasting Plasma Glucose between 5.5-6.9mmols/l within the last 12 months; or has a history of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and normoglycaemia (HbA1c < 42 mmol/mol (< 6.0%) or FPG < 5.5mmol/l)


  • Not pregnant​ 

  • Individuals with an active eating disorder are not eligible for the programme.

The programme is a Structured Educational Programme that is underpinned by Behavioural Change Theory and focuses on peer support and discussion rather than ‘teacher led’ learning. It is designed to be educational but in a relaxed setting.

Participants can engage with the programme either through group support sessions led by a coach in their local area or on a one-to-one basis using our app.


In total, the support lasts for 9 months.

To refer an individual:

1. Ensure they meet the eligibility criteria

2. Complete a referral form - this is pre-loaded     onto General Practice clinical systems

3. Send the referral via the clinical system

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