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We have helped thousands of people across England to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes and significantly reduce their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.


Find out what some of the participants on the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

delivered by Living Well Taking Control thought about it and how they did.


Christopher's Story

Christopher joined the NDPP in March 2021 at the age of 69, following an unexpected prediabetes diagnosis from his GP.

At the time of writing, Christopher had lost 2 stone in his first 4 months on the programme and expected to lose at least another stone before completing in December 2021. He continues to make excellent progress towards leading a healthier life.

Nick's Story

Nick joined us in December 2020 following his prediabetes diagnosis with an open mind and a fantastic attitude, which set him up for an enjoyable and successful time on the NDPP.

Nick's true loves in life are his garden, his family and his golf - so alongside teaching him how to cook simple, healthy meals from scratch, our coaches worked with Nick to incorporate the things he likes to do into his journey to preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

We're delighted to say he was a star pupil from start to finish, losing well over 2 stone (this video was filmed four months into his programme, hence the "16lbs lost" mentioned in the video), drastically improving his diet and increasing his physical activity through more time in the garden, walking the 18 holes and spending more quality time outdoors with his family.

Senior Couple
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Find Out If
You're Eligible

More than 5 million people across the UK are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. 

Take our "risk score" calculator and find out if you're eligible to join our programme.

There are just 7 questions and acting immediately could prevent you from developing this life-changing illness.


Paul actually first received a prediabetic diagnosis back in 2016, four years before he eventually joined the programme.

In 2020, his GP recommended he join the programme as his risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes was becoming more pressing and he hasn't looked back since!

Over the course of the programme, Paul describes the key differences he's noticed as: 

  • "I can now touch my toes which I never could before"

  • "We've gone from rarely getting out and being out of breath regularly when we did walk, to doing our 10,000 steps a day every single day and climbing the Wrekin for the first time ever."

  • "My partner has lost more than 5 stone since I've been on the programme as we've been doing it together"

  • "I can still do the things and eat the things I want to, just with far more education and in a much more controlled way. So I still get my steak, I just enjoy it with more balance"

Paul has been a fantastic ambassador for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme both during his time on it and since completing it and we're delighted he was able to make such a hugely positive difference to his life! 

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