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Locality Coach (Self -Employed)

Living Well Taking Control (LWTC) is a joint venture between charities Health Exchange and Westbank Care Services to provide Pre-type 2 diabetes services. The vision of the partners is to grow both vertically and horizontally increasing our area of business throughout England. LWTC is investing in and operating nationally to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Programme.


Company Aim

LWTC intends to deliver high quality, efficient, cost-effective services, targeted at the specified requirements but sympathetic to the changing needs of its clients, commissioners, and the local community.


National Diabetes Prevention Programme

A national prevention programme to enable people at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes to make sustainable lifestyle changes which should result in them not being diagnosed as a diabetic.

Locality Coach – Key Attributes (What are we looking for)

  • A self-starter who wants to make a difference and help individuals within their community to improve their overall wellbeing

  • Has an entrepreneurial attitude to work and deliver desired outcomes

  • Wants control over their earning ability and be rewarded for their hard work.

  • Wants to work within their local community, providing support and working with local people.

  • Enjoys organisation planning their own workload.

  • Ability to deliver the programme in local community locations.

  • Desirable – speak community languages and adapt course delivery to meet cultural adaptations


Locality Coach – What do we offer (become your own boss)

  •  Excellent earning potential with a guaranteed monthly retainer plus rewards for hard work and meeting targets with       incentive reward for retaining participants on the course.

  • Have more control over your own working environment by having a better work life balance

  • Ability to work hours that suit you, your family and patients

  • A consistent and guaranteed flow of patient referrals, ensuring you’ll have sufficient activity

Living Well Taking Control – What do we supply

  • Living Well Taking Control Specific Training to be able to deliver the Healthier You: Diabetes Programme to Full Capacity.

  • Locality Coaches are provided with fully funded IT equipment - laptops and mobile phone. 

  • Support from a dedicated regional Compliance & GP Liaison Officer who will help with monthly activity, assist in connection with referral sources and set up primary care networks access across your locality. 

  • Provision of central marketing and media support to help deliver locality-based Website, Social Media campaigns and printed documents such as leaflets.

Where does this happen

Locality Coaches will be responsible for delivering diabetes prevention programmes within a defined geographical area based around activity levels. Ensuring patients received an effective, researched and beneficial service.


Financial Aspect (what do you earn)

You are in the driving seat and determine how much you earn. 

Locality Coaches (LCs) once signed off and authorised will be eligible to commence direct intervention sessions and accept interventions up to a maximum cap of 550 interventions per annum.  

An advanced payment scheme is in operation once the number of interventions per annum is agreed, payment will be made for the number of interventions pro rata.  In addition to the advanced payment LCs will invoice a fee per patient on completion of each of the 4 milestones over the program. Target for each milestone and conditions for claim will be detailed in advance of delivery.

LCs can negotiate additional referrals above the cap of 550 but these will be paid at PBR rates only.


Potential to earn up to £40,000 per annum – depending on the agreed targets.

How to apply!

Please email your CV and cover letter to

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