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Meet the coaches of Surrey Heartlands

Meet our incredible coaches for Surrey Heartlands.

I am a certified Health Coach having trained with HCI, Health Coach Institute. Prior to the training I graduated with a BA and PGCE in Education and worked as a Teacher in Secondary Education.  I have now worked for many years as a Health Coach and specialise in weight loss helping people with their diet, habit change and lifestyle, which I still do part-time alongside my role with LWTC.  I have particular interest in preventing and treating diabetes.  My hobbies include yoga, pilates and walking my shih tzu dog.


My background is in Human Nutrition, and I am currently on a journey to qualify as a Dietitian. I have experience of working in the Food Industry, the NHS and private care. Diabetes is one of my areas of main interest as a nutritionist, and my goal is to be able to translate scientific evidence into easy-to-digest practical advice.


I have completed my Master's in Health Psychology from University of Bedfordshire in 2021. During my Master's my dissertation won a scholarship from Coeliac UK and it was a funded and sponsored dissertation. After completing my Master's I made a poster on my dissertation topic luckily which was accepted and presented in an International Conference of British Psychological Society in Bristol in 2022. I joined Living Well Taking Control as a locality coach in 2022. This role is very challenging but interesting and gives me job satisfaction. I like to read scientific articles on health related topics particularly on mental and physical well-being which helps keeping myself up-to-date on various health issues.


I am a certified Functional Nutrition Counsellor, who helps people modify their diet, eating habits and lifestyle to achieve long-lasting optimal health. My holistic approach is based on Functional Medicine and treating the root causes of illness. I support people improve their digestive problems and balance hormones. 

Physical health and mental wellness are my passion, and seeing people achieve their health goals, feeling more energised - whatever their age, and being happier in life is the best reward I could ask for. 


I am a qualified Nutrition Coach, having trained with SANO, School of Culinary Medicine and College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to this training and having graduated with a BSc in Law and Russian, followed by the LPC (Legal Practise Course) at the College of Law, London, I worked as a property Lawyer in the city of London. Having retrained in Nutrition I am committed to providing the best and most up to date advice and guidance to clients and working with them to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.  

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