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About Living Well Taking Control (LWTC)

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Living Well Taking Control (LWTC) is a non-profit organisation specialising in face-to-face support for patients living with pre-diabetes.

LWTC works with the NHS as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme across the UK. LWTC provides group and peer-to-peer support through regular sessions which cover a range of topics from positive mental health, exercise and a healthy diet. Patients can bring friends or family members along to sessions, enabling all round support in practice and at home.

LWTC is a Limited Liability Partnership between Birmingham-based charity Health Exchange CIC and Exeter-based charity Westbank Community Health and Social Care. Each organisation has expertise in supporting individuals to change their lives by establishing new patterns of behaviour to improve their health and wellbeing.

Westbank and Health Exchange developed diabetes prevention programmes as part of a BIG Lottery funded project.

About Liva Healthcare 

Liva Healthcare is an innovative healthtech company headquartered in Copenhagen and London. Liva offers scalable digital health coaching for patients living with chronic conditions and lifestyle challenges such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Liva is growing rapidly with operations across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Canada and was founded in 2015 by the team behind the popular health information portal

Liva’s award winning app is used by primary healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and public and private healthcare organisations such as NHS England and AXA PPP healthcare. Liva is a partner to NHS England on its ambitious NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP). Through Liva’s app, patients have access to a personal health coach who provides professional guidance, support and empathy through an ongoing relationship to build long-lasting behaviour changes. Participants can track their progress real-time via the Liva app, and engage with a support group of peers to keep them motivated. Liva has been proven to work efficiently across all socio-economic backgrounds and is capable of engaging groups normally hard to reach.

Find Liva Healthcare on LinkedIn and Twitter

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