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Exploring Community Health: AECC UC's Free Pop-Up Health Event

At Living Well Taking Control (LWTC), we're passionate about making a positive impact on community health. Recently, we had the opportunity to participate in an exciting initiative – the Free Community Pop-Up Health Event at Boscombe High Street, hosted by AECC UC. From March 18th to 28th 2024, our team joined forces with local partners to provide an array of complimentary health services and support to the community.

The event, situated at the Boscombe Arts Depot, aimed to offer a diverse range of health and support services, all conveniently located under one roof. Alongside AECC UC, we collaborated with organizations like Help & Care, BEAF Arts Co, CAN (Community Action Network), Healthwatch, and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to create a holistic experience for attendees.

Our services at the pop-up event encompassed various aspects of health and wellbeing. We offered musculoskeletal triage assessments, foot health checks, NHS health checks for eligible individuals, blood pressure checks, and more. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions covering topics such as everyday fitness, stress awareness, diet and healthy eating, and back pain myth busting.

One of the key highlights of the event was its inclusivity and accessibility. Designed to cater to individuals and families who may not typically engage in healthcare services, the pop-up event welcomed everyone, regardless of background or circumstances. The initiative was made possible through funding from the Regional Innovation Fund (RIF), which focuses on knowledge exchange activities to support economic growth and productivity while addressing local priorities.

The event not only provided valuable health services but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration. It served as a platform for individuals to connect with healthcare professionals, access support and resources, and learn about maintaining their health and wellbeing. Our team at LWTC was thrilled to be part of this initiative, contributing to the collective effort to promote community health and empowerment.

As we reflect on our participation in AECC UC's Free Pop-Up Health Event, we're reminded of the importance of proactive health initiatives and community engagement. We remain committed to continuing our efforts to support and uplift communities, one step at a time.

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