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In this first session, your Locality Coach will introduce you to your fellow group participants. This is a great opportunity to get to know everyone as you will be supporting one another over the next 9 months.


Topics in this session include:


Understanding your motivation to join the programme

Mental Health.png

Finding out what Type 2 Diabetes is and what it means to you

Acknowledge mental health and how it plays a key part in successful behaviour change


Identify and understand trigger points in your own behaviour

Learn how setting goals can help you to avoid diabetes

Along with your fellow participants, you will get to learn more about type 2 diabetes and the myths many people have about the condition. We will also learn about the importance of positive mindsets to help achieve the goals you will be set in the next session.


Your Locality Coach will encourage you and others to outline what you want to achieve from attending the programme. Thinking about this will help your Locality Coach to support you in making achieving your aims.


The first session is also a perfect opportunity to ask your Locality Coach questions!

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