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We’re almost there now! Session twelve will focus on expanding your knowledge on the potential complications that would inhibit your lifestyle should you become type 2 diabetic.

Topics in this session include:

  • Challenges diabetics face with travel

  • How the condition develops and affects the body

  • Reviewing dietary choices and the Eatwell Guide

  • Summary of activity and nutrition sessions

  • Goal setting

This session is the perfect time to reflect on what you have achieved so far. Your Locality Coach will give you support and check to make sure your remaining goals are realistic and measurable, making you more likely to succeed.
Your Locality Coach will be there to answer your queries and suggest local services you can call upon in your community for additional help. We will also look forward to the final group session and discuss how we can celebrate in style!


The wider impact of type 2 diabetes on life
Becoming type 2 diabetic will have an impact upon areas of life you may not have considered. Examples include travel, driving and insurance. Your Locality Coach will provide you with guidance on the signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes and reinforce to you why keeping up the changes you have made to your lifestyle is important.

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