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You will be introduced to how making small changes to your diet can lead to reductions in your blood sugar levels. 


Topics in this session include:

  • Goal setting and benefits of behaviour change for positive lifestyle

  • Guidance on how to begin dietary changes

  • Setting manageable and achievable goals

Your Locality Coach will support you in setting goals to focus on between now and the next session. Each area that you want to change will be discussed and broken down into manageable chunks to make it easier to achieve.


Tips to improve your diet

Your Locality Coach will also give you tips you can practice immediately to improve your lifestyle. 
For example, you may not start the day with breakfast. This can lead to snacking throughout the day

and a higher intake of calories from foods that have higher sugar content. 
Starting the day with a healthy breakfast could lead to you feeling fuller throughout the day,

reducing the amount of snacking.

You will start to notice a more sustained full feeling reducing the hunger pangs throughout the day,

which in turn will decrease the amount of snacks consumed within the day.


Free support
You will have an exciting opportunity to use the Liva App - an online tool to help you track

your goals and physical activity throughout the programme and beyond. 
Your Locality Coach will be there to support you in getting to grips with the online tool

so you can get the most out of it.

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Food diary

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