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During the third session, you will learn more about healthy eating and how to reduce the amount of sugar and fat content you consume.


Topics in this session include:

  • Understanding healthy eating, including different types of fats, sugar and portion sizes

  • Using the Eatwell guide to help with food choices and portion control

  • Review of physical activity levels since the last session

  • Discuss what a healthy lifestyle means to you and your fellow participants

  • Review goals to focus on food choices and healthy eating

  • Review how you are getting on with the goals you set and give you extra tips and encouragement

  • There is so much information on diets it can often get confusing! Your Locality Coach will give you the information you need to know and make you aware of the most common traps to avoid. Your Locality Coach will explain:

  • What food groups you should be eating more of and which ones you should limit

  • How hydration is a crucial to making improvements to your diet

  • That confidence is key to making changes to new food choices

Preparing for the next session
At the next session, you learn how to read food labels found on the packaging. Your Locality Coach will ask you and your fellow participants to bring an example of food labels along to see which ones are healthiest.

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