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Several weeks have passed since your last group session and you have done really well to get this far on the programme. Your Locality Coach and fellow participants are looking forward to seeing how you are getting on and will give you extra motivation where needed.


Topics in this session include:

  • Review of successes and challenges

  • Reflect on healthy eating – ‘what’s on my plate’

  • Review barriers to physical, nutritional, social and behaviour change

  • Problem solving exercises 

  • Understanding barriers and motivations to behaviour change

  • Goal setting – refocusing desired outcomes

Your Locality Coach will ask you and fellow participants to share examples of what you consider to be a healthy meal. The group will then have the opportunity to discuss which ones are the most nutritious before finding out from the Locality Coach.


Some of the goals you have set so far may not yet have been achieved. Your Locality Coach will give you advice and support on how to refocus your goals. Your fellow participants will also share their experiences on where goals have been achieved and where they have struggled. This will be a great opportunity to solve problems together and to help one another to avoid relapsing into past behaviours.


Your Locality Coach will be there to answer questions you may have and provide plenty of encouragement to achieve your goals!

Problem solving

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