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Your journey to better health

When we have received a referral from your GP, or other healthcare professional, we will contact you to invite you to meet with us. This will be an individual meeting with a Facilitator where we will take a few measurements and assess whether you’re eligible to join the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) delivered by Living Well Taking Control; it will also be a chance for you to ask any questions you may still have about the programme.

The programme involves 13 sessions, made up of 1 hour or 1½ hour sessions over 12 months. All sessions are group-based in an informal setting and are led by a trained Facilitator. Between sessions you will be able to put into practice what you learn in the group and also stay in contact with members of your group if you wish.

Each week, for the first 7 weeks, the group will discuss a variety of topics, including healthy eating, physical activity and positive mental health and we will give you information to help you to set some personal goals to make simple, but important, changes to your lifestyle.

After the first 7 weeks there will be 6 more sessions, spread over the next 10 months, where you will receive more support and you can learn more and review your progress. These sessions last for about an hour.

There will also be extra contact with your Facilitator between review meetings via telephone or social media to support and encourage you on your journey.

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