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Structured support in a relaxed and friendly environment...

The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme delivered by Living Well Taking Control (LWTC) is designed to be educational but in a relaxed setting. You will be allocated to a friendly local group of others with the same pre-diabetic diagnosis in which you can discuss various aspects of your lifestyle and how you could make adjustments to bring about better health.


This is how the programme works:

STEP 1: an individual assesment with your local LWTC facilitator

STEP 2: 7 weekly group sessions

STEP 3: 6 follow-up support group sessions


 All this takes place over a total of 12 months. 



It's all about you taking control... We're here to help you:

•  Understand the risks of pre-diabetes

•  Find out what you need to do to avoid developing diabetes

•  Make healthier food choices

•  Increase your physical activity

•  Discover a new way of living that improves your wellbeing 

•  Maintain a healthy weight

•  Get more out of your life


About your diabetes prevention programme



For specific information about the programme in your area see Find Your Area

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